Kate Moss and Pete Doherty wedding plans

If all the rumors we are getting are to be true, than Kate Moss and Pete Doherty are planning to get married this week in London.

Both Kate and Pete have invited close friends and family to meet them there Friday," an unnamed source told The Daily Mail. "There's been a bit of a tussle over the guest list, which is small because Kate's concerned that some of Pete's hangers-on are bad news, but he's determined to have his mates there."

In truly Pete and Kate’s style, all the guests will be hooked with the latest and greatest of trinkets and parting gifts — including a stainless steel crackpipe.

Wedding celebration for the friends and family will be at the island of Ibiza on January the 18th.

An unnamed source told The Daily Mail Kate and Pete will travel out to the island a couple of days ahead of the party, in time for her 33rd birthday January 16. Everyone else has been told to get there the 18th and lots have already booked their flights," a source close to both told the newspaper.