This Year's Chloe Bag: The Third World Baby
The adopted child has officially become the "it" accessory for A-list celebs

Anna Nicole Smith

Train Wreck of the Year: Anna Nicole Smith
Lost a child, got evicted and spent far too much time in court … just a tragic year.

Janet Jackson

Most In Need of a 'Tyra' Makeover: Janet Jackson
She lost most of the weight — and quite a bit of her clothes — but she still can't sell records.

Britney Spears flashing out

The Reason Stars Have Handlers: Britney Spears
After a masterful dumping of Fed-Ex, she goes and spoils it all by flashing herself.

Jessica Simpson

One Is the Loneliest Number: Jessica Simpson
Since her divorce, she's endured a flopped album, a movie that bombed and got dissed by John Mayer.

Kanye West

Best Video of the Year: 'Touch the Sky'
Happy, Kanye?

Mel Gibson

Why You Have the Right to Remain Silent: Mel Gibson
The controversial actor/director reminded us all what a precious gift the Fifth Amendment truly is.

Michael Richards

Why No Blacks on 'Seinfeld': Michael Richards
His n-word-peppered slide into lunacy exposed a less appealing side to the man known as 'Kramer.'

Paris Hilton

The Teflon Blonde: Paris Hilton
What does this woman have to do for you people to lose interest?

Source: AOL