Angelina Jolie showbiz interview 

We haven’t talked to you in almost two years. Can you recap the high points in your personal journey in the last couple of years?

The high points are the obvious. My coming together with Brad; Brad and Maddox coming together; and Zahara coming into our family. The low or scarier point was when Zahara got sick. Her surviving that was a high point. My having a baby (Shiloh) and now her personality is coming out—it’s fun. It’s great to see all three kids together.On a professional level, this film was wonderful to work on. That I’ll be working a lot less and spending a lot more time at home was a welcome decision at the end of the day.

And you have been going on these missions for the UN

I’ve been working for the UN for five years now. I have been involved with projects in Cambodia for four years. I’m still pushing for different bills in Washington and they haven’t gone through. We have a new Congress. Maybe they will (pass those bills).
I’m trying to educate myself more to be able to handle discussions on issues better and not just be emotional about them. I would try to actually deal with them on a stronger level and make some changes.

As I’m looking at you from the side, you and Brad could be brother and sister.

Well, thank God we’re not (laughter).

Angelina Jolie showbiz interview

Even in your voice and the way you respond to questions.
Oh, no. Really?

Do you think your relationship is based on the fact that you are alike?

You know, it’s funny. When we first came together, everybody commented on how different we were. So now it’s funny to hear somebody comment on how similar we are. Oh my God, I think you’ve scared me into thinking we’re starting to be that couple that morphs (starts looking like each other). We are very different in many ways — certainly in the way he is at home and the way I am at home. But we balance each other quite well.

Can you give an example of how different you are?

He’s very methodical and takes time with things. I’m very impulsive like on a decision we made yesterday. But (when we travel), he packs at the last minute while I pack three days ahead with all the kids’ stuff and five different things. I like to organize each moment of our travel but he likes to be more (spontaneous). But we appreciate each other. We need it. I need to be not so crazy about things.

Angelina Jolie showbiz interview 

Spiritually, are Brad and you on the same page?

Yes, I would say that. We’re not of any one faith ourselves but we are teaching the children about different faiths. We believe (in teaching them about) that. We believe that you should understand and learn about all the different faiths. Then teach your children and see where they fall and celebrate many different things. I suppose that is a unique thing to be very much in agreement on.

Do you have any respite from the paparazzi at all?

We were just recently in our home in Cambodia and nobody was there. So there are ways and there are places (where there are no paparazzi). We also went to Brad’s parents’ house for about five days. That was lovely and quiet. Hopefully in the years to come, maybe if we work less, we’ll have more of a quiet life. Then our kids will have a more normal life. We just try not to let it (the paparazzi issue) affect us. It only does when we want the kids to have more freedom but other than that, we try to ignore it. There are worse problems so we’re OK.

Would you like to get married again?

I have had two beautiful marriages (first to British actor Johnny Lee Miller and then to American actor Billy Bob Thornton) in my life. I don’t feel a need to get married at all at this moment. But I am committed to another person (Brad) and three children. I think that’s the most important. For people who want to be married, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a wonderful thing and I’m all for it.

Angelina Jolie showbiz interview

How much do you enjoy flying your own plane?
I love it. It certainly gives me a freedom that I don’t have on the ground. Flying is a real skill. I know that sounds odd but I have spent my whole life with a job that is kind of odd. I interpret behavior, tell stories and I emote—those are not practical skills. So it was really wonderful for me as a woman and as a person to go back to school, take tests, study and learn a proper physical skill I can expand on. Hopefully one day, I would be able to give service as a pilot.

How often do you fly?

I flew until I was about six and a half months pregnant. And then I wasn’t allowed to fly anymore. I flew about two months after Shiloh was born. I fly whenever I can. I haven’t been able to fly recently but probably I’ll fly in January and February.

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