Considering her past I can’t really understand why Madonna is criticizing that much the current trend of high-profile women shunning underwear, and we all know who she is referring to.  While writing this, I’m having kind of flashback. Remember that time when Madonna was hitchhiking naked on the freeway? 

madonna on dave letterman show

Madonna has done much worse things in the past, so the only advice I would give her would probably be to go home and take care of her kids. I’m sure that’s something little David would like.

Anyhow, if you’re still interested in hearing what she was saying to Dave Letterman last night you might want to read the rest of the story:

Madonna: “Oh God.” (audience laughs)

Letterman: “You know what I’m talking about?”

Madonna: “I’ve been hearing these stories. It’s dreadful.”

Letterman: “It’s just remarkable.”

Madonna: “I love underpants.” (Dave, audience laugh)

Letterman: “Yeah, who doesn’t?” (audience applauds) “I remember one night right here a long, long time ago – “

Madonna: “I brought you a pair of my underpants.”

Letterman:  “ – you gave me a pair of underpants. And I still have them, yes I do.”

Madonna: “Maybe you could send them to Britney.” (Dave, audience laugh) “Honestly, I live in England and so, I get – I’m pretty cut off from a lot of these stories. I only read stuff about, or hear stuff about the Royal Family. And so I’ve come to New York and the first thing I hear is about everyone not wearing their underpants. What’s going on?” (Dave, audience laugh) “It’s freezing outside!”

Letterman: “Yeah, but it’s interesting.”

Yeah, very interesting!