James Brown did on Christmas day at the age of 73 and we all know what he meant to the world of music and what impact he had on it.  One thing we might never know about this man is why he didn’t include his wife and James Jr., his 5 year old kid in his will.

James Brown will

However, James Brown did include all his other six children in the will. There’s a big controversy going on at the moment and according to the newspapers, seems like everyone are speechless.

Not that we should really care, but normally you wouldn’t expect something like this to happened, unless there’s a big reason behind it, in which case, I supposed, we would all like to hear about it.

Hynie's lawyer, Thornton Morris, admitted his client had no idea she wouldn't
be listed in the will.

He said: "She was locked out of the house so she doesn't know where the will
that's being probated was found.

"She has no knowledge to when this particular will was executed.".