Lindsay Lohan Joe Francis photos

Unlike her friend Britney, Lindsay is giving us the perfect lesson in love. She wants us to know that you can’t buy love.

Seems like Lindsay Lohan was not that interested in $1 million worth of jewelry she got from the producer Scott Storch a few weeks ago, and fell for Joe Francis. And while you’re probably wondering if this is THE Joe Francis, the founder of Girls Gone Wild franchise, I will cut this short and say YES that’s exactly the Joe Francis she’s with.

“Friends of Lohan say Francis was with her when she went to the hospital two weeks ago to have her appendix out, and they planned to leave Saturday for a mini-vacation at Francis’ Mexican estate, but decided to stay in town. “Neither of them could resist the lure of the Golden Globe parties,” laughed our spy.”

Can’t wait to see Lindsay version of Girls Gone Wild.