Paris Hilton nude photos, videos

Or you’ll end up exactly like Paris Hilton did. I don’t know what the hell she was tinkling at the time, nor did she just forgot to pay the bill or didn’t want to, but one thing I can tell  for sure is that all her secret belongings she was hiding there are out in the public. And when I say ALL, I mean: secret diaries, some raunchy sex tapes, nude photos, but also:

 “”Prescription bottles for Hydrocodone, a painkiller similar to OxyContin used to manage anxiety disorders, post-party sleep aid Ambien and the herpes medication Valtrex.

* A medical bill from a Los Angeles clinic, billing an "Amber Taylor" – with the same birth date as Paris – for a miscarriage in March 2003.

* A journal analyzing her booze-fueled dreams.

* Several bank statements, including one with an ending monthly balance of just $9.26."

Paris Hilton naked photos, videos Paris Hilton naked photos, videos

And while the reps and other members of her crew are working overtime to figure something out we get to enjoy seeing just how stupid Paris Hilton really is, like we didn’t know that already. Nevertheless she proved herself one more time. Congratulations!

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