Didn’t I tell you way before this thing is never going to work out? Why? Because for one, she’s in the rehab just in the evenings & weekends (‘cause she’s like shooting her new movie during the day) and two, because she is not taking it seriously at all. No wonder other fellow rehabbers are complaining she’s getting special treatment.

Lindsay Lohab quits rehab Lindsay Lohab quits rehab

Just yesterday, Lindsay took a break from rehab to get her Mercedes SL500 serviced.

“On Monday, Lindsay left Wonderland for her condo. On Wednesday, TMZ spies spotted her at Newsroom Cafe having lunch with friends. And of course, yesterday's field trip. The buzz is that as early as today, Lindsay will be back shooting her movie full-time.”


Just what exactly needs to happen to this girl so she can understand how important this rehab is?

Source: TMZ