Jessica Simpson John Mayer photos

Star Magazine reports:

..”one person who's not happy at all with the seriousness of this relationship is jessica's father-manager, joe simpson, who called her in miami on jan. 22 to express his displeasure. "joe was livid," a source says, "and basically ordered jessica to get her tail back to l.a." but jessica fought back! "she said she'd come back when she was good and ready. she can't understand why someone who cares about her wouldn't be thrilled that she has found love again." it's not the first time jessica has stood up to joe when the subject is john. "it started when joe wanted jessica to perform on new year's eve," says a source. "but jessica said, ‘no!' and she made it clear that being with john was her priority." instead, jessica spent the holiday weekend with her man in nyc, shopping at barneys new york department store…”

Jessica Simpson John Mayer photos Jessica Simpson John Mayer photos 
Source: JJB