Anna Nicole's receiving CPR

This is a video of Anna Nicole’s final moment that was shown on German TV RTL. It’s kind of a poor quality but at one moment you can see medical stuff giving her CPR.

It’s hard to believe this tape was sold for $500,000 when you can barely see anything.


News from Press Conference on Medical Exam with Dr Joshua Perper:

• No evidence of a crime
• No illegal drugs. Only prescription. (No name given)
• Nothing unusual on security tapes
• Anna had been sick with stomach flu
• DOA to hospital
• No evidence of physical injuries that led to death
• Only had one bruise from a bathroom fall
• Subtle findings in heart and gastrointestinal ("Unusual")
• Blood in stomach
• Many more tests to be done
• Will take 3-5 weeks to get conclusive answer on death
• No pills in her stomach
• 3 Main suspicions: Natural Causes, Medication, Combo of meds and natural causes
• DNA Samples taken
• Blood in stomach came from shock
• No sign of chronic abuse from pills, based on visual examination
• Howard K Stern was NOT in the room
• It is possible for someone to die of an overdose WITHOUT pills being found in the stomach. i.e. COULD be overdose
• Body is ready for release to "proper legal custodian"
• Autopsy took 6 hours (why this is important i dont know)
• Indication of recent plastic surgery
• Could have taken a liquid or inhaled something