Katherine Heigl on the “Late Show”

Katherine Heigl was on the LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN tonight, Feb. 8, 2007, and had these things to say regarding the recent controversy surrounding “Grey’s Anatomy”:

Dave: “And what is the controversy of name calling – one of the characters has called another character a name or said he didn’t call another character a name, and then he had to go to rehab?” (audience laughs) “Now, that’s not part of the show, is it?” (audience laughs)

Katherine: “No, that’s not a storyline, believe it or not.”

Dave: “But it could be.”

Katherine: “It could have been, yeah. In fact, if they’d just held out a little longer, it would have been a great episode arc.”

Dave: “Well, tell us about the whole thing here.”

Katherine Heigl on the “Late Show”

Katherine: “It was, you know, I think initially it was said in a moment of anger and then it was – I don’t understand what the Golden Globes was about. And now I think at this point we’re trying very hard to just move past it and mend some bridges. And I think, I know for myself, I can’t speak for the whole cast, but I’m certainly hopeful that this will bring about a better, more honest relationship with one another.”

Dave: “And is anybody going to get fired?”

Katherine: “Not that I know of.”

Dave: “Yeah.”

Katherine: “Watch it be me. Wouldn’t that just be awful?”  (audience laughs)

Dave: (laughing) “You get fired.”

Katherine: “I didn’t do anything wrong, but suddenly…”  (audience laughs)

Katherine Heigl on the “Late Show”  Katherine Heigl on the “Late Show”

Dave: (laughing, Katherine laughing) “That doesn’t seem right at all. ‘Yeah, we had to let her go.’” (audience, Katherine laughing)

Katherine: “It made the most sense to ABC.”

Dave: “But is there a lot of tension and friction on the set and a lot of hand wringing and a lot of crying and stuff?”

Katherine: (laughing) “Yes, but that has nothing to do with the controversy.” (audience laughs)

Dave: (laughing) “I see.” (audience laughs)

Katherine: “That mostly has to do with the hours and the storylines.”

Katherine Heigl

Dave: “But, now, whenever people call me names here which happens more than I’d like to admit – “ (audience laughs)

Katherine: (laughing) “Okay.”

Dave: “ – I just have one of my assistants say, ‘Well, you know, Dave doesn’t like to be called names.’” (Katherine laughs) “And then it all clears up. I mean, couldn’t it have been handled like that?”

Katherine: “Well, apparently I was the assistant that said, ‘T.R. doesn’t like to be called names,’ so, um, yeah, I think it would have been nice if it had been handled, but whatever.”