Robbie WIliams breaks up with  Lisa D'Amato 

Who knew they were dating in the first place. Don’t know about you but I certainly didn’t. Since we all know who Robbie WIliams is, let’s introduce Lisa D'Amato. Lisa is one of the 'America's Next Top Model' reject that meet Robbie at a Hollywood party in November last year.

Always one to make an opportunity out of a bad situation, Lisa has sold her tale of heartache to the News of the World.

She tells how Robbie took her to HEAVEN in bed:

"His hands were everywhere. I think he's done a massage course because he knows where all the pressure points are and he'd soon have me moaning with pleasure."

She also reveals how Robbie used to:

# KISSED her all over after stripping her naked in the build-up to their first explosive night of sex.

# MADE LOVE to her for three hours, "showing unbelievable stamina" and satisfying her in ways she'd never known before.

# POPPED anti-depressants and chain-smoked as he worried about his image.

# LOCKED himself away in his mansion with her to keep her from finding out she'd hit the headlines as his new love—until she got death threats from jealous fans.

She finished the interview with:

"He led me to believe I could be special, but in the end his demons got the better of him, I just hope one day he finds who he's looking for."

Source: ONTD