Mary J Blige

Mary J. Blige recently revealed she allowed herself to abuse drugs and alcohol to help cope with the memories of her difficult childhood. It became so bad and she was influenced so much that she got into unstable relationships all the time, were in one of them her boyfriend at the time held a gun to her head.

“The relationship I was in then was so terrible, I had a gun to my face. At that point, I said to myself. There’s something wrong with me. Guys don’t want to stick around because they are ashamed of me.’ Ouch! That gives me the chills right now!”

She also said that when she met the man that became her husband, Kendu Issacs, she didn’t know how to behave around him because of all her previous bad experiences:

“I treated him so badly for a while, because I’d never experienced real love before. I was suspicious. It seemed too good to be true. I remember lying on the bed with my head on his chest. I decided to stop drinking that night and forgive all the people who had hurt me and to forgive and love myself, because I loved him and I wanted to be true.”