Heather Mills meets with the police

Heather Mills, soon to be one leg dancing star, meet with the police today to discuss “a number of issues”. It has been reported she’s been receiving death threats since her spit from Paul McCartney last year. 

Heather first mentioned the threats to the police in December and since then has complained that estranged husband Paul McCartney is refusing to provide additional security.

A source close to Paul said last night:

“Paul would obviously do anything to protect Beatrice. His opinion is that if Heather feels Beatrice is ever in danger, then he is more than happy for her to come and stay with him, where she will be afforded all the protection he can afford.Sir Paul is not happy to pay out for protection for Heather just for her to have a vast retinue of staff to do everything for her from posting letters to joining her at the gym.”