Jennifer Lopez Berlin

Jennifer Lopez accepts the Artists for Amnesty Award for Excellence in Filmmaking, in Berlin. She was nominated for her work in producing and starring in "Bordertown."

What I want to know is who was responsible for giving her an award when it’s very clear no one liked the movie. The minute she got up on the stage the audience reacted to the movie with boos and muted applause.

The first sign came on during the press release on Thursday when the film was booed by the audience, apparently annoyed that Nava had decided to make a B-movie thriller out of such a tragedy. Then there were boos during the official premiere on Thursday evening, and applause at the end was muted. J-Lo looked visibly upset.

Jennifer Lopez Berlin

The German press was no different, The Berliner Zeitung says the film is "funny, but unintentionally" reporting that viewers at the press screening had reacted with "frenetic laughter" at supposedly serious scenes. The Critic accuses J-Lo of exploiting the real suffering of the Mexican women in order to become a star in the Central American market.

"It's no coincidence that the film is coming out at the same time as her new record, the first where she sings entirely in Spanish.