Brintey Spears Bald 

Can’t really see the connection between not wanting the people to touch you and shaving your head but let’s just trust Britney that there is one.

Britney Spears bald

At first when I saw those photos I was like, man this has to be a joke, there’s no way Britney shaved her head. (Un)fortunately it is true. x17 online caught her in the process of it and of course it didn’t take long for the video to link up to YouTube.



Apparently Britney showed up with her bold head at the tattoo shop to get some ink done. It has been said she had couple of them, one of which is on her wrist.

Britney Spears bald

They say woman changes her hairstyle when she’s not happy, I reckon Britney is very very very unhappy person. Stripping in the club, all that partying, tattoos, drinking, puking, shaving your head… where is all this leading that “young, once beautiful and so much admired woman”?