Britney Spears rehab

Apparently this rehab Britney is in could do her some good after all. Not only she managed to stay out of the major tabloid headlines for the past 5 days but also admitted having the eating disorder bulimia since she was 16. 

Doctors are alarmed at the physical state she is in,” said the source. “They confronted her about her desperately unhealthy lifestyle and the truth came pouring out.”

She said the cycle was broken while she was pregnant, but she quickly returned to it, once Sean was born.

On top of her alcohol and alleged cocaine use, the bulimia turned her into a “human wreck”, according to the source, who added: “When she came here she was shaking and baking. Her whole body was wracked by spasms and she was hot one minute, then freezing cold the next.

“Her first week in detox was real hell. She was in a total mess but slowly she’s pulling through.”

I once did a detox and the first couple of days were like going through hell, they say this is the toughest part, because all the toxins are coming out of the body, so you become more tired, emotional and hysteric at the same time.