Victoria Beckham style

Normally, I just concentrate on positive stuff. I'm nice like that. However, there are times when I simply can't spin something into a smiley, smiley, fluffy bunny-style article… no matter how hard I try. And besides, I sort of have to remain true to myself.

But, you needn't think I've been enjoying myself when I bring you an entire gallery of Victoria Beckham, style icon, in all her fashion faux pas glory. Put it this way, I've got one foot cemented in the 'Isn't Posh stylish' camp – but that does mean the other foot is free to go where is pleases.

And when Vix wears something as ghastly as a bright red mini dress – with a pink front zip – I have to put our foot down in the 'What on earth is Posh wearing' camp.