Kevin Federline Britney Spears divorce agreement

After five hours long meeting yesterday, K-Fed and Britney Spears have finally reached a divorce agreement. Numbers are out and from what I see every media has his story to tell. Let’s see:

Source #1– Kevin is walking away with just $1 million due to the airtight prenuptial agreement Britney had him sign before they married.

Source #2 – number is inaccurate, as well as reports about a “50/50″ custody agreement.

Source #3 probably the most interesting of all the previous one, has some sort of transcript between K-Fed and his lawyer:

Lawyer #1: Mr. Federline we are prepared to offer you the following in exchange for relinquishing all future claims to Ms. Spears estate: a $10 million lump cash sum, 100% ownership in the Malibu estate, and title to both the Ferrari and Bentley.

Kevin: OK, OK, I’m writing this down [draws rudimentary picture of stick figure with huge breasts]

Lawyer #1: … or you can risk everything and go for the mystery box

Kevin: Ohh, mystery box! mystery box!

Deep-Voiced Announcer Guy: Kevin Federline … you just won a brand new home stereo system with surround sound!

Kevin: Sweeeeeeeet!

Source: Gossip Rocks