Tom Cruise Katie Holmes celebrity gossip 

Katie Holmes is going to Shreveport , L.A. with her 10-month-old daughter to film her next movie, Mad Money.  Sources say that she planned this to “break free from her controlling husband Tom Cruise.”  In order to control his wife he is planning to go with her to Shreveport and will be on the set every day.

The reason why Tom wants to attend the set is to interfere with the nude scene that Katie has with a young co-star Adam Rothenberg in her new move.  He already talked with producers of the movie and told them why the movie would be better without the nude scene.  However, industry sources say that the nude scene could really boost Katie’s career as an actor.  Although, due to the low budget of the move Tom will have the last word since he has a lot of money and connections. 

Such unfortunate decision on his part could jeopardize their relationship, because Katie is trying to continue her slowed down acting carrier and she is very persistent about it, sources say.       

For all I know Katie should’ve known better before even hooking up with Tom. Think about it, one minute she’s crying her eyes out over that Chris Klein guy and the next day she’s eating sushi with Tom in his private plane. Something was fishy there from the very beginning and I don’t think is sushi.