Heather Mills dancing with the stars

So Heather Mills thinks she’s special and thus she needs special attention. Even tho we all thought she was special enough just by being one leg dancing star, but apparently that wasn’t “special” enough because we all know special people needs special attention, right? Here’s the scoop:

Dancing with the Stars” hoofer HEATHER MILLS shocked ABC execs when she demanded security escorts to and from the show and promo appearances – and even threatened to boycott all media interviews for “Dancing” if they didn’t hop to her tune! Heather – just slammed by British bobbies for making endless, silly-buggers “Help!” calls to 999 (that’s 911 for Limeys) – got instant 411 from ABC brass: BUGGER OFF with that “bodyguard” baloney…or other contestants will happily do your media interviews, thank you very much! Left without a leg to stand on, publicity ho Heather quit kicking.