George Clooney Jennifer Aguero dating

The Enquirer finds out that George Clooney is hiding a beauty of a secret and has been dating gorgeous 29 year old model Jennifer Aguero under the radar for the past three months. How did we miss that one?

“They met in a South Beach club and have been quietly dating the last few months,' Jennifer's grandmother Camille Cerwonka told The Enquirer.  "He just flew her up to do a small part in his new movie."  Despite his demanding work schedule, the Oscar winner has made time for both Miami based Jennifer, who has two boys, ages 10 and 3.  

 "George is funny and adorable, and Jennifer is a beautiful and genuine person," Grandma Camille added.  And Jennifer's grandfather John Schumacher says:  "George is a very lucky man.  She's a very beautiful girl."  But there may be disappointment ahead for the handsome movie star.  Warns an insider: "Jennifer broke both of her husbands' hearts."

The Enquirer