Prince William Kate Middleton break up

Unless you’ve been living under the rock for the past few days, than you’ve probably heard that price William is single again. I do feel sorry for Kate because every break up is not easy to take, but at the same time I’m glad my royalty is on the market again (not that I have any chances with him). Anyway, I was curious to know what went wrong there and stumbled across this article that was published by Us Weekly.

“On April 13, newly single Prince William hit the town for a wild night out in London, racking up a nearly $10,000 bar tab and partying so hard that by 3:30 a.m. he was struggling to stand up, a club source told Us Weekly.

Kate wanted an assurance that there was going to be a future for them, and William wasn’t ready to give that, said a Middleton source.”

Prince William Kate Middleton break up 

Oh Kate, dear, you should know by now that never, but I really mean NEVER ask a guy about the future, god forbid about the marriage/kids. Guys don’t like commitments, and just because they happened to be royalty that doesn’t make them any different. This is not a fairytale, this is a real life.

“Kate never felt like William put her in first place, said a former classmate. To meet up for dinner, she would have to run four or five different dates by him before he would say he was available. Usually when you are in a relationship, you drop everything for your loved one, but William wasn t like that.”

Prince William Kate Middleton break up

Lastly, Us reports that one person is relieved the prince didn’t rush into anything: his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

“The queen was fond of Kate, but wants William to take his time choosing a wife to avoid another royal divorce like the ones that damaged the monarchy in the 90s, royal correspondent Judy Wade said.”

Oh take your time William (and by take your time I mean we want to see you grabbing more student boobs, getting drunk & crazy and everything that comes along with it, as long as I don’t see the headline: “Ooops she did it again, only this time it was a Royalty Vegas wedding). Let’s just hope it won’t come to that, cause I can only begin to imagine the look on Queen Elizabeth face, when she discovers Britney Spears and her two kids are moving in.