Larry Birkhead with Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn

Proud papa Larry Birkhead didn’t wait long before starting cashing out little Dannielynn.

“OK! has the exclusive shots and an interview with the L.A. based photographer, who last week was determined to be the biological father of the 7-month-old.

In the magazine, Birkhead reveals that just three days before Dannielynn's birth, Anna sent him an e-mail saying, "Don't fall in love again, I'd be a bit jealous." Interestingly, Birkhead states that contrary to what people may think, Anna's alleged lover, Howard K. Stern, has been "a great help" with baby D, but adds, "Howard did things for Anna that no one wanted to. I actually feel sorry for Howard."

As far as Anna's mother is concerned, Larry says Virgie's not his enemy. "If she wants to be a grandmother, she can be a grandmother, my mom wants to be a grandmother too, but I'm not going to sign a paper saying so, it's just not right." (coughing – liar)

A custody hearing for Dannielynn is scheduled for Friday in the Bahamas. As for the photos, all proceeds from their sale will be put into a trust for Dannielynn.

Yeah, until the proud daddy needs to use the same money to cover his gambling debts.