Britney Spears forgets abut her kids

Britney has two kids? Really? Oh wait a minute yeah, she does, who can forget that time when she nearly dropped Sean on the streets of L.A. So why is she not spending any time with them?

It seems like for the first time ever, K-Fed leaves his wife but get to take the kids with him too. Why? Because Brit is too busy getting her career back on the track (and I’m not gonna even comment on her career at this point).

“Britney says she has too much going on with getting back to work on her album that her plate is too full to care for two kids,” a close friend of the singer tells OK!. “Both times she was pregnant, Kevin was partying all over town. Now, it’s her turn; she thinks it is time for him to be a dad.” Sean and Jayden live with their father about 80 percent of the time, with Britney getting them every other weekend. But, the friend says, “her agreement is that she’ll take over if he has something going on professionally…”

Oh I see so the kids will move each time one parent has something professionally going on. Smart, very smart!