Kellie Pickler boobs Ryan Saycrest

We all remember Kellie Pickler, that shy little country girl for the American Idol that touched many hearts with her sad family story.  If  memory serves me good ( and they say I’m one of those “visual memory people”) her boobs weren’t that big. And it’s not just me that thinks like this, in fact since she appeared on American Idol couple of months ago, everybody started talking about her new tits.

Since she never really confessed doing anything, and we all know they can’t grow from eating humus (at least that’s what I thought), Ryan Gaycrest went point black asking her if she had done them and this is what she had to say:

“Are you talking about my boobs again? Why are you looking at my boobs anyways, you pervert? I'm not looking at them, America is looking at them. My hair was shorter so everything else looked bigger. [Besides,] I'm 20, my boobs are supposed to be perky." 
When Ryan asked her point blank if she had them done she said, "I don't know. Ever since the show and your comments, all I hear about is my boobs. But you know me, Ryan, I like to be the center of attention, and right now me and the girls, we are pretty much getting a lot of attention. I like to keep it a mystery. Let the mystery live on because as soon as I say yes or no then no one is going to care anymore."

Meaning Yes, she did it.  Now you tell me, how dumb it is to pretend you didn’t when is sooo obvious you’re laying? When I do mine and someone ask me about it I would probably be like: Damn you’re right, aren’t’ they nice now. Oh well that’s just me….