Anne Heche’s divorce turned nasty when her husband called her a poor parent with "bizarre and delusional behavior”.  Now that’s a shocker, I must say.

In the papers, Laffoon describes Heche as an unsuitable mom who refuses to seek help for her reported psychological issues, saying she "has at times exhibited bizarre and delusional behavior for which she refuses to seek professional help."

Laffoon goes on to say "her anger towards me has clouded her ability to think rationally about what is in [our son] Homer's best interest."


He asks the court to award him joint custody of the couple's five-year-old son, and $33,000 a month for child support, attorney fees and costs, visitation, spousal support and funds for other expenses.

He also asks for a psychiatric evaluation of both parties to aid in the child custody decision and maintains that he has been a stay-at-home dad who has provided basic care for their son since his birth in 2002.

Don’t tell me he only realized this now. Coley, let me quickly remind you this is the same woman who is suing her other personality for publishing what she calls an unauthorized biography of her life without her permission, so chances are she is more than being delusional.

In case you care, the original divorce papers are ready for viewing here.