Even tho they are trying to keep the low profile we hear their three months old relationship is still going strong and for what it looks like it’s gonnna stay like this for a while.

Quick recap of the events: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal,  who met last summer on the set of Rendition, had a rendezvous following a May 25 visit to a doctor’s office in Culver City, California.

After the appointment, the pair hopped into separate cars and headed to Witherspoon’s house.

“Jake put his hand out of the sunroof and was waving, “says an eyewitness. “They looked totally in love.”

That’s the impression he’s giving pals: “Jake said he’s found someone who knows how to look out for both of them, and not just themselves,” a Gyllenhaal source tells Us. “Reese is more attentive than anyone else he knows.”

Source:Us Magazine