I didn’t even know they were dating, where they? I mean did they have the time at all considering the fact they got married only after 4 months of knowing each other.

Ok I admit things like that can happen but mostly in books, movies where you see them live happily ever after but in reality? They skipped the proposal and honeymoon, exchanging Neil Lane rings in a private L.A. home with only their families present.

Anyway it’s been said now that Brittany is growing concerns about her hubby one of which is his two warrants for his arrest in Virginia for alleged credit-card theft and fraud; an unpaid $6,087 legal bill, and a $502,910 judgment against him by a British investment firm.
And Us Weekly reports in its new issue that Monjack gave his former fiancée, British film producer Taira Rafiq, an engagement ring he had told her was a diamond but was, in fact, cubic zirconia.

I guess that’s what happen when you don’t have enough time to actually meet the one you’re dating. For what I know he could be a serial killer or something.