Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow you’re only a day away……

Monday, June 4th is THE day for Paris Hilton. It’s that day when she’ll hit the slammer and boy oh boy I can’t wait to see that.
Paris has reportedly ordered a hair and makeup team to show up at her Hollywood home at 9 a.m. on June 4 to make her look all pretty and glamorous for all the lesbians who can’t wait to share the hot long jail showers together.

From Rush and Malloy:

Paris doesn't do contrite very well. She will be glam, and Paris is the queen of the prop. Expect her hair pulled back in a ponytail, big sunglasses and maybe a Holy Bible under one arm. And she just got a new kitten, so maybe she'll hand it to her sister as she gets out of the car. There might even be tears."

And this is so touchy… :crying: