Super mommy is celebrating her 32nd birthday today. Happy B-day!!!

In other news, Angie has been “complaining” how hard it is to find time to have sex with Brad Pitt lately, since the kiddie clan has grown.

“Mommy and Daddy need to try to figure out more time right now.” Juggling her clan is not easy, she confides to the magazine. “Everybody needs individual time. Shiloh has our attention when the others are at school. Mad [her son Maddox] stays up the latest, so he gets the nighttime. During the day, I’ll go for a walk or do something specific with Pax or Z [Zahara] . . . We’re working on it; we’re working on it. Right now, we’re not great about Mommy-and-Daddy time.”

I hope mommy and daddy will hire a babysitter on her birthday and will work on that “Mommy-and-Daddy time” issue.