kevin federline shar jackson pregnancy rumors

Things have been going little bit down the hill for K-Fed lately, having to realize he was involved in a relationship with a crazeee, divorce, falling career… just to name a few, and in that state of mind people tend to do stupid things. Been there, done that… But never, under any circumstances you should go back to your ex, let alone leave little something inside her womb.

Yup the walking sperm bank is on the loose again. Star reports:

While Britney Spears was busy getting her act together at Malibu’s Promises rehab facility, the father of her two children, K-Ked, was busy getting it on with his other baby mama, Shar Jackson.  And even more shocking, they were doing it without using any protection!
Star learned that one of those risky romps had produced some very big news, says a good friend of hers.  “Shar told me, ‘I’m pregnant, I just know it.  I know when I have a baby inside of me!’” The mother of four (2 with Kevin and 2 from a previous relationship) said she was bout three weeks gone, because hat was the last time she made love with Kevin, and he hadn’t slept with anyone since! (ouch, it’s been a slow year for Shar)

Shar got a positive result from a home pregnancy test, which was confirmed by a visit to her gynecologist a few days later; currently she’s about 6 weeks along.  And the person who’s likely going to be shocked most by the news? Britney, who has long resented her ex’s closeness with Shar.  A Spears’ insider shares her prediction with Star, “Britney’s going to freak – she’ll see this as a slap in the face.”

Here we go again… daddy is back. Should I stay or should I go now. If I stay it will be trouble, if I go it will be double…..