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Where would TomKat spend the Father’s day than on a football game? This is so original. I'm sure there was a better place to be than on a football field. Wait a minute, he wasn’t on a field. He was just watching the game, so typical, cause it’s getting harder and harder to move that fat azz with the years.

Posh’s rag, Katie Holmes, was also there, supporting Victoria’s hubby, because, we all know, that’s what friends are for right? Not that she gave a rat's ass if Beckam was gonna score or not, let alone how important this game was. 


On the other note, David Beckham was trying to impress his three sons with some special moves he kept as a surprise for the Father’s day. Too bad his daddy skills didn’t really come out. Even I saw he was (R)eally, but I mean Really bad. They say it comes with an age and maybe that’s why this was his last game with Real.


I’m getting soo board from them, from this whole posh scientology bonding they’ve been pulling out for the past couple of months. If you ask me, it’s Tom we should blame. He cast a spell on Beckham's clan just as he did on Real Madrid the other night, cause there’s no other explanation for their recent bonding and winning on Sunday. Damn’ you Scientology people.