According to the National Enquirer Britney Spears is planning on stopping the divorcing process because she wants KFedex back. Surprised? Not really, she must have figured nobody wants her, and since Justin has already found someone, she thought: “I’d better get back with my KFed, before he spends millions of dollars of my money on some silicon implanted Vegas stripper, y’all!
Celebslam reports:

“The troubled pop star has been telling friends that filing for divorce from her former backup dancer — he filed a counter-petition — was a mistake. Although he had suspected that Spears has been stalling on the legalities of the split because of second thoughts, Federline was still shocked when she dropped the bombshell, a “source close to the couple” said.
The phone conversation, which was about custody rights, grew heated and Federline said he wasn’t interested in reconciliation, the source told the tab. But Spears became upset and threatened to drag out the divorce for months “until he saw things her way and came back to her.”