Is there a worse feeling than being dumped on, what you think is a dream vacation? To make it even worse, on a vacation where you think your loved one was going to pop the question.

It looks like things weren’t going as planned for Denise Richards on hers and Sambora’s “romantic” Hawaii vacation. From what I hear, instead of coming home with a huge rock on her finger, Denise got back with a huge rock in her heart.

“She was devastated,” says the source, “and kept up appearances as if they were still together.” That may explain why news of the February split took three months to hit the media. Richards talked about their then-year-old relationship in an interview that ran in the June issue of Glamour magazine. “Recently we went to Hawaii and people came up to us and said, ‘We’re so happy for the two of you,’” she said. “So people are starting to accept the relationship, realizing it’s not just a fling.”

As usuall the reps are denying it, but we all know what this means.