Elisha Cuthbert was crossing the street in New York and was hit by a car, throwing her across the street.

Star Pulse reports:

Cuthbert says, “I almost got killed. We’re walking along the street and I’m an idiot because the light turns green and a van screeches (to a halt). I walked past the van and realized, ‘Oh my God, I’m in the middle of an intersection and they’ve got a green light and I decided to cross.’ As soon as I pass the van, a Mercedes Benz is about to clip me in the knees, and I’m like, ‘I’m about to die.’
“So all of a sudden you freeze and think to yourself, `Can I outrun it? No. Am I going to break my legs? Probably.’ And what do I do? This is so cool of me because you realize the kind of person you are. I leaped up onto the car and I bounced and I flew all the way across the intersection. And I land right on my butt in the middle of the intersection. ‘Am I dead? No I’m not dead. Do I have any bones broken? No. Purse still intact.’