Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz got engaged just before the band at last Saturday’s New York’s Live Earth concert and are currently expecting a baby! 

Ashlee wasn’t expecting it at all, it was a total surprise,” a mole reports. “Pete whipped out a big engagement ring, dropped down on one knee, and asked Ashlee to be his bride. Ashlee says it was romantic, sexy — and that she said yes right away.

Ashlee and Pete are desperate to keep the engagement quiet for as long as they can so they can make wedding plans in peace,” says an insider. She definitely doesn’t want a big circus wedding like Jessica had when she married Nick. All she wants is a simple ceremony with her family, his family, and a handful of people.”

Ashlee behavior at a recent family wedding has sparked speculation that she may be pregnant.

“Ashlee may have helped start the rumours herself. She was at a family wedding and was wandering around rubbing her belly. And she refused to drink anything. She probably didn’t drink that night because her dad was around,” says a pal.

“We don’t think they were officially engaged 20 minutes before she started calling people to spread the news,” says a friend. “If she were having a baby she wouldn’t be able to keep it to herself for five minutes.”