Britney’s well paid team of “experts” including: stylists, agents, lawyers, assistants, managers etc, are apparently very worried about the possible collapseof the career of their money making “golden goose”.

Some sources are confirming that there’s a very important intervention to be held in Los Angeles this Saturday, where Britney’s experts will discuss all espects of her career. They are calling it “intervention” tho the whole event will soley be based on business issues and damage control strategies. Lyne Spears is said to be very involved in all this.

Apparently, there also is talk Spears may head back to another rehab stint — possibly at the Cirque Lodge clinic in Utah, where Lindsay Lohan seems to be responding well to treatment.

In any case, it's clear Spears' people are listening closely to the unsolicited advice of many entertainment experts. They strongly suggest Spears disappear for a number of months — then return with a big splash with a music project hopefully proving she still is a viable ''brand.''