Much expected the third season of the most popular TV series out there at the moment, Prison Break, finally premiered on Monday night. We finally got the chance to see wtf the Sona is and to get a glimpse of the life “organization” out there. Interesting structure, I must say.

wenthworth_miller_ prison_ break_3 wenthworth_miller_ prison_ break_3

I honestly expected more of this season, but from what I see now it’s gonna be season one, only this time Linc is going to work his ass out to get his bro out of Sona. And for some reason it’ll be more complicated than in season one.
The entire crew (Bellick, T-Bag and Mahone) mysteriously ended up in Sona and somehow I get the feeling they’re all going to get friends, as weird as it sounds.

prison_break_season3 prison_break_season3

Probably the most interesting part of the evening was seeing mud wrestling with muscles rippling all over my TV screen. Nice, I hope there’s more to come.

prison_break_season3 prison_break_season3

That being said, I think it would only be for Went that I’ll watch this season, you have to admit Prison Break is slowly beginning to look like one of those soap operas.