Gazilionaire, Joe Francis send a mass email from Nevada jail informing people that he has a new venture, a new web site It’s a 10 page long story on how he ended up in jail, and frankly I don’t have the nerves to read something that long, let alone if it’s about Joe Francis. In any case if you happened to think differently than you might wanna visit the page, but before you do so, here’s an excerpt just to give you a hint on what he’s blabbing about there:

"I'm sure that once you learn the story . . . you'll be as outraged as I am," wrote Francis, who's in for a tax rap. "The scariest thing [is] . . . that it could just as easily happen to you. I never expected my life to be a cautionary tale, but if revealing the truth behind my circumstances can help one other person avoid being grievously mishandled by the justice system, then it is worth telling."