Hayden Panettiere is not that innocent looking like you might think. She shocked guests at the Emmy awards when she allegedly threatened to 'kill' a journalist for reporting about her love life. Ouch!

US Weekley reports:

The actress seems to have moved on. When Us asked, 'Where's Stephen?' at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 9th, she furrowed her brow and replied; "I don't know. In California?" Maybe it's because she had time to adjust to the relationship being over.'
Hayden was so incensed by the speculation that she publicly lost her temper at the journalist and had to be restrained by her publicist, who advised; "Not on the red carpet."

Poor girl, can’t blame her, she’s only 18. She still has time to learn about Hollywood, anyway, I regret not seeing this on TV. They never show this kind of stuff. Damn’ you producers, don’t you know this is what we wanna see.