Ok, let’s see what’s in store for Brad and Angie according to latest tabloid headlines.

Life&Style Magazine is reporting that Brad recently complained to his sister, Julie, about Angelina’s behaviour. Apparetnly Angelina is very insecure and has been checking up on Brad’s email account lately. Brad, allegendly, also said that he caught her going throught his pockets in more than one occations. When he tried confronting her, Angie would always turn everything on his head, making him a villain.

She accused him of hiding his emails because of his secret correspondence with his ex wife. A family insider said that Brad got fed up with Angelina’s behavior and called his sister Julie to vent saying: “I’m done with Angie, I can’t put up with this anymore.“

Rumor has it, that when Brad came to talk to Angie about their future, he didn’t quite sugest splitting, but is considering making their relationship more open. Meaning both of them can see other people. Funny huh?

Ok, I think it’s pretty clear this is pure B.S. I wonder who came up with this story over there at Life & Style.