Eva Longoria seems to be the latest star to be embroiled in a sex tape shocker. Apparently Eva and her hubby, Tony Parker made the explicit video, someone stole it and the movie linked onto the internet. I hope this time the rumor about Eva’s sex tape won’t turn out to be a hoax like last time, because I just can’t wait to see Paris’ reaction when she hears that her “One night in Paris” video is not the most wanted anymore.

In the new tape, which can reportedly be seen on pay-per-view sites, Eva is said to stage a pillow fight and bounce on a bed wearing skimpy lingerie, while asking her NBA star husband Tony: 'Alright, are you sure no one's ever gonna see this?'

Although the date of the footage is unknown, insiders think is form before starring in because there’s a part where she tells Tony: 'I have an audition tomorrow for something called.' Desperate Housewives’

As usual representatives didn’t comment yet on the subject, guess they need to come up with the story first.