And while the rest of the world would normally drink Vodka, Prince Harry tries out another technique: snorting. Ever tried that?

prince_harry_snorting_vodka prince_harry_snorting_vodka

These are the shocking pictures that show Prince Harry inhaling vodka through his nose in some drinking game. These exclusive shots taken from a video of Harry's holiday in Namibia will definitely bring fresh shame on the boozed-up royal.

prince_harry_snorting_vodka prince_harry_snorting_vodka

In the video, pals cheer loudly as Harry slugs a bottle cap of vodka, swills it around his mouth, spits it back into the cap and then snorts it up his nose. Seconds later, Harry and Lieutenant in the Blue and Royals closes his eyes and shakes his head as the alcohol, shooting straight into his bloodstream, takes effect.

Oh, so that’s the trick, got it.