Tori Spelling stepped out during New York Fashion Week, onlookers assumed her amazing mommy makeover involved a few nips and tucks. But Tori tells Life & Style that since the birth of son Liam, now 7 months old, she hasn’t taken any surgical shortcuts to regain her hot body! Yeah right.

“It all happened from my NutriSystem diet,” says Tori, 34, who receives the program’s daily deliveries of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. And keeping focused has been key. Pal Bill Horn says that over Labor Day weekend while her friends ordered french fries and cheeseburgers, “Tori whipped out her packaged NutriSystem snacks — she didn’t have a single french fry!”

Meanwhile, Janet Jackson trimmed her middle — again! She appeared on the red carpet at the Oct. 4 premiere of Why Did I Get Married? with a tiny tiny waist!

On the other note, Courtney Love insists her new body is the result of dieting. But Dr. Michael Salzhauer points out a classic sign of aggressive liposuction: “The waviness on the left side of her abdomen gives it away.”

Also bottoming out the body list is Victoria Beckham, who earns the honor of Worst Boobs! Ouch!