Maximonline put together this interesting top 5 World’s worse plastic surgery cases. Let’s have a look.


5.Michael Jackson
Never has one person defied Mother Nature so much!


4.Priscilla Presley
At one point, Priscilla was hot enough to bag Elvis. Now, after an insane amount of Botox, face-lifts, and who knows what else, she couldn´t even bag her own groceries.


3.Mickey Rourke
What´s super bumpy and beyond repair? Mickey´s career AND his face!


2.Remember when she used to be hot? Back when Jenna weighed more than 80 pounds and only had one boob job? Now we wouldn´t even want to see her in a crowd during the middle of day. She´s scary!


1.Joan Rivers
For Joan, face-lifts are like boobs: One isn´t enough, and three are too many. As are four, five, and 29.