How quick things change in celeb-land. Last week he was rumoured to have been smooching Paris Hilton in a Canadian nightclub, this week he’s scrapping in a Waffle House car park and up on a $1,000 bail bond for a battery charge!

The incident happened at 5am Sunday morning when Rock and his entourage stopped in at the all-night diner for a meal after a show. One of the customers recognised a member of Kid Rock’s party and started a row which then spilled outside before turning into fisticuffs.

Kid, real name Robert James Ritchie, fled the scene but was busted later in their tour bus with five other members of party, who all face the same charge. The guy they fought with, Harlen DeJon Akins, faces a greater charge of felony criminal damage to property for breaking one of the Waffle House’s window pane while being set upon by six men.