A woman who lives close to Heather Mills’ mansion has accused Heather of blowing her potential windfall on extravagant fireworks and subsequently killing her poor puppy, Glow.

But the story, of course, doesn’t ends up there, the matter of fact it goes very further, as Heather raged at the press during an explosive GMTV interview. During the interview she said she raged against a neighbor who claimed Heather had killed her dog, compared herself to Princess Diana and Kate McCann and said she's been treated worse than "a pedophile or a murderer". She even started crying at one point.

She also outlined her plans to change the law and claimed there had been 4,400 abusive articles written about her.

Can’t decide if this is freaky or scary? Hmm.. both, I guess. Anyway if you want to see the entire video, click here.