Can they just give Kanye a break, just a little bit? As if loosing his mom wasn’t enough, let the guy grieve for a minute before he has to find out what a disgusting fraud “Dr.” Jan Adams was? 

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit, the matter of fact couple of them against Dr. Jan Adams, here’s the scoop:

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit, filed in Orange County Superior Court, claiming medical malpractice against Dr. Jan Adams.Terrie Cage claims on June 27, 2007, Dr. Adams and another doctor “negligently and carelessly examined, diagnosed, cared for, treated and performed surgery upon plaintiff, failing to follow the standard care …” As a result, Cage alleges she was “rendered sick, sore, lame and disabled.”Cage went in for breast augmentation, a tummy tuck and lipo.

TMZ has turned up yet another medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Jan Adams, and this one is eerie.Bonita Hovey claims in December 2005, Dr. Adams and other doctors performed a tummy tuck on her and botched the job. According to the suit, filed in Orange County Superior Court, Hovey claims Adams and the others “negligently failed to possess and exercise, in both diagnosis and treatment, that reasonable degree of knowledge and skill that is ordinarily possessed and exercised by other physicians and surgeons … “

There’s even more…