InTouch, claims to have found the ‘real' mother of Angelina Jolie's adopted child, Zahara.
A woman claiming to be Zahara's birth mother has come forward to say she wants her baby back.

"I want my daughter to come home to see where she is from. Her grandmother and I both tried very hard to raise her, and I want her to come home to regain her identity," said the woman.

This isn't the first time this has happened. Two years ago, another woman appeared on the scene claiming to be Zahara's mother, but the allegation was quickly proven false. We're guessing this new claim will be put to bed fairly quickly too, especially when we're given this flimsy excuse as to how her baby came to be on it's own:

"I thought the baby was going to die because there was no food, so I ran away."

Yeah, good one.